The Project

Our research project has two closely related objectives:

1. We argue for the claim that explanatory concepts play a key role in almost all areas of philosophy and that thus the notion of explanation lies at the heart of the whole discipline. This claim will be substantiated with respect to a wide range of current debates and it will be shown how recognizing this central role and examining the pertinent concepts of explanation yield substantial contributions to these debates.

2.Current accounts of explanation tend to focus on causal explanations. However, explanations are frequently employed in non-causal discourse (e.g. in mathematics, logic or philosophy). The second objective of this project therefore consists in satisfying the need for a universal theory of explanation which is applicable both to causal and non-causal explanations in any kind of rational discourse. To this end, a general theory of the explanatory connective ‘because’ will be developed. >> More about the second part


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