noun; pl. phlox, or phloxes

1. The research group:

Philosophy and Logic of eXplanation

2. Botany:

A genus of plants, belonging to the family Polemoniacea, comprising about 65 different species. With clusters of pink, red, purple, or white salver-shaped flowers, many cultivated forms of which are found in gardens.

“A garden without phlox is not merely a misapprehension, but a sin against the summer.” (K. Foerster, Dr. h.c. of Humboldt University)

3. (from ancient Greek: φλόξ): flame.

4. A doctor:

Extraterrestrian from the planet Denobula in the Denobula Triaxa System. Married to three wifes (simultaneously), each of whom has two additional husbands.


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