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a. Bolzanos Erklärung des Zeitbegriffs (B. Schnieder)

Forthcoming in Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie. → Abstract

b. Further Remarks on Property Designators and Rigidity (B. Schnieder)

Forthcoming in Grazer Philosophische Studien. → Abstract

c. What Might Be and What Might Have Been (Schnieder/Schulz/Steinberg)

Forthcoming in a collection on P. F. Strawson. → Abstract


a. Bolzanos zwei Substanzbegriffe (B. Schnieder)

Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 62, 97–107. → Abstract

b. On What We Can Ensure (B. Schnieder)

Synthese 162, 101–115. → Abstract

c. Truth-functionality (B. Schnieder)

Review of Symbolic Logic 1, 64–72. → Abstract


a. Mere Possibilities: A Bolzanian Approach to Non-Existent Objects (B. Schnieder)

Journal of the History of Philosophy 45 (2007), 525–50. Abstract

b. The Importance of ‘Being Earnest’ (B. Schnieder)

Philosophical Quarterly 57 (2007), 40–55. → Abstract

c. Theories of Meaning and Logical Truth: Edwards versus Davidson (M. Hoeltje)

Mind 116 (2007), 12129. → Abstract

d. Why Lying is Wrong (A. Steinberg)

Not published in New Essays on the Liar (2007), 1–2.


a. Attributing Properties (B. Schnieder)

American Philosophical Quarterly 43 (2006), 315–28. → Abstract

b. ‘By Leibniz’s Law’ – Remarks on a Fallacy (B. Schnieder)

Philosophical Quarterly 56 (2006), 39–54. → Abstract

c. Canonical Property Designators (B. Schnieder)

American Philosophical Quarterly 43 (2006), 119–32. → Abstract

d. Dependence, Substance, Explanation (B. Schnieder)

Philosophical Studies 129 (2006), 393–419. → Abstract

e. Particularised Attributes: An Austrian Tale (B. Schnieder)

Textor (ed.): The Austrian Contribution […] Abstract

f. Troubles with Truth-making: Necessitation and Projection (B. Schnieder)

Erkenntnis 64 (2006), 61–74. → Abstract

g. Truth-making without Truth-makers (B. Schnieder)

Synthese 152 (2006), 2147. Abstract


a. How Not to Define Substance (B. Schnieder)

Ratio 18 (2005), 107–17. → Abstract

b. Mein Leben und ich – eine ontologische Ménage à deux (B. Schnieder)

Zeitschrift für phil. Forschung 59 (2005), 489–511. → Abstract

c. Property Designators, Predicates, and Rigidity (B. Schnieder)

Philosophical Studies 122 (2005), 227–41. → Abstract


a. A Note on Bearer-Uniqueness and Particularised Qualities (B. Schnieder)

Ratio 17 (2004), 218–28. → Abstract

b. Compatibilism and the Notion of Rendering Something False (B. Schnieder)

Philosophical Studies 117 (2004), 409–28. → Abstract

c. Once More: Bradleyan Regresses (B. Schnieder)

Hochberg & Mulligan (eds): On Relations and Predicates. → Abstract


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